Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Imperial Court of AZ Vendor space!

Heidi and I did some vending at the Imperial Court of AZ coronation-it's kind of this huge organization consisting of drag queens and other assorted folks that do a ton of service things for the gay/lesbian/etc community. It was so fun-and for once I was not the most overdressed person there!!! Met some neat boys who are a million times more girly than I....which is saying something. One of the other vendors had this gorgeous black mink coat....for only $700....and I HAD to put it on even though it was hot. Le Sigh. So soft and lovely!
My good friend Sister Felicity stopped by and blessed me with her wand; out of makeup she is my buddy Frankie, who I just love. He's the happiest person I have ever met. He makes me smile!

Falling behind!

Soory, I am so darn busy that things get past me...but I promise to post more after this week is over. Heidi and I are doing a show on Friday night and Saturday morning in Mesa in conjunction with Domestic Bliss, this wonderful pretty store in downtown Mesa at the corner of Robson and Main. If anyone is in Mesa Saturday morning, come by and see us! I promise pictures because this do is all about the pretty and creative and stuff. I am wearing hats all weekend! It will be hot but that's just the way it is.