Sunday, August 30, 2009

A few goodies

So I have been trying to get this new house together, and I decided to get out a collection I have that I have not seen for a long time. There was a time there when I was really into Gilner Pottery pixies, and every other elf/pixie thing I could find. They are a little harder to find now, but I am happy with what I have. It's nice seeing these fellows again!

I was at Big Lots not too long ago, and spotted this cute retro clock in mint green and baby pink, and once my old alarm clock died I decided to blow $15 and get the pink one. I love it! It sure has a clanging alarm, though, but it does get me awake!

I went over to the Goodwill recently and found a few little doodads...the red belt is patent and I have been looking for a wide red belt forEVER, so I was quite happy to find this! The pattern is from 1998 and I was very pleased to pick it up in my size for 99¢! I saw it on eBay for $32.99 BIN, which is just crazy expensive. The skirt looks a little long so I will shorten it, but I have this lovely piece of emerald green rayon that will be just perfect for this. I plan to do the 40s style dress first. The party book is a scream from 1932 and even has the complete plans for a real minstrel show! It also has ideas for just about any kind of theme party you could think of. The copper set is on eBay now because I can't wear that color at all.

So, there is a little bit from here-more to come as I unpack boxes and hopefully hit some estate sales soon!

Glider project

I bought this fabulous vintage metal glider about 10 years ago in a suburb of Phoenix called Maryvale-which for you non-Arizona folks, is a place I would call our own version of Levittown. Built in the 50s, it was an all-inclusive community full of cookie-cutter houses, shopping centers and schools. It used to be a great place to live, and the houses are huge! Now, unfortunately, it is full of undesirables, renters who don't care about where they live and has acquired a reputation for being dangerous. I used to go to some amazing estate sales out there. I still love going to look at the houses because you can still get a sense of what it was supposed to be. But I digress! :-)

I bought this from a house where it had sat for about 40 years on its own little concrete slab. It had been painted to match the trim on the house! Its original color was dark green, which I would have liked to save, but there is lots of rust, so i will have to use Kilz on the entire thing. I wanted a dark raspberry pink, and so I selected "Watermelon" from the Krylon line of colors. I LOVE it! I need to get this done because I am dying to see the finished look. I plan to make some vintage fabric pillows to go on it as well. It will look good with my repro yellow and turquoise metal motel chairs. What do you think?