Monday, March 7, 2011

Rayon Dreams


One of my weekly jobs is working for an estate sale company, so sometimes I am lucky enough to get first crack at things! The sale this week is really neat-the lady is 96 and just went into a home, but she and her husband had a long happy marriage and did TONS of traveling. The house was built in the mid 60s and some of the furniture is really cool. Total “grandma” house! Today I found four gorgeous vintage 40s Hawaiian long dresses that I snatched up right quick! Three of them are that lovely 40s era spongy gummy rayon and the other one is cotton. I am keeping one but the other three that are pictured will be for sale next week!

I have always been in love with rayon from that era….I’ve got a tidy little stash of yardage I want to use someday. I love the saturated colors and the way it feels, so soft and slinky. Polyester just doesn’t do it, no matter how they fake it. I love sewing with it because it is just a breeze to work with. Every time I find a piece I just get such a thrill! When I measure it before I buy it and I get that magical 35” width, I am so happy!

Watch for more posts like this-stuff I find and may be for sale. Sometimes I’m just going to share pretty things. But you never know….I might be convinced to sell…. Open-mouthed smile