Thursday, April 2, 2009

So, I've been wanting for a long time to sew for other people, and try to make a little money doing it. I have been contracted to make a 50s style dress (see above for pattern!) for my darling little friend CC, and I am SO excited! We went and bought fabric tonight, and I'm going to start on it Sunday. It is a basic fitted bodice and full skirt dress, which will not take too long at all. She picked out the most YUMMY fabric-the skirt will be this gorgeous buttery yellow and white damask-print cotton with sparkles in the design, and then the bodice will be a corresponding buttery yellow. We'll also make a matching self-fabric belt. She's going to wear yellow Austrian crystals with it that Heidi gave her. I have to get it done by Wednesday or Thursday night at the latest, as she and Phil are going to Viva Friday morning. I am not expecting any issues with it....and I think I am almost more excited than her, because it's going to be such a pretty, lovely dress on her!


PS-I also have been working on the gingham circle skirt for myself-I just got done putting 10 ROWS of vintage 1950s pink and black/silver rickrack on the bottom of it. I am wearing it to Jerome on Saturday!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My eBay stuff!

Check me out, if you'd like....this is my current eBay ID. I've been on there for 10 years, but it was time to start another ID.*vintage

I decided that I needed a place to gather all the best, most pretty things happening in my life, hence this blog. I will also talk about my fantastic job at Hollywood Regency Vintage here in Phoenix! There are other places to talk about the angst and the things out of my control, but this will not happen here. This is beauty. This is happy. This is the total Libra side of me, coming out to party. Sometimes it might get sweet and sticky. It happens! We're going to celebrate the glitter and the sparkle. And the reason it's called "Redhead Sadie's" is because my great-grandma Sadie was an amazing lady and I wanted to honor her memory. More on that in a later post.

On The Hunt: Heidi and I went to a fabulous annual church sale last weekend....and scored! Got some good stuff for the store, and I had a little fun for myself as well!Vintage jools...earrings $1 a pair, fruity necklace $2, 40s strawberry tablecloth $1! Vintage amazing perfume bottle was $5.... and it stands about 7 inches tall!

I have also found recently the little gathering of pretties in the first picture-the candy tin with a REDHEAD on it, the vintage Revlon compact and lipstick in amazing rhinestoned containers (not my colors but I DON'T CARE), 1940s velvet ribbon choker, and the glass fruit bracelet and necklace, all at a sale for about $10.

And, I love the show "Mad Men", and think that Joan is just the best (duh, redhead!). She wears a little tiny gold pen or pencil around her neck on a chain, and I have been looking for one for a long time. Found it for $2, third picture! Wish I had her cleavage to bounce it of off when I walk..... hahaha!

What's happening at Hollywood Regency this week: it's First Friday this week, so I am going to be very busy getting the store whipped into shape! We have tons of pretty vintage 70s era sundresses. I know that I have a TON of ironing of men's shirts and some 50s housedresses to do. Come see me! And PLEASE keep voting for us to win Best Vintage Clothing at can vote once a day, and we are now in third place thanks to everyone who has been voting! Make us happy and help us win!

Notes from the Music Room: Louis and I are driving up to Jerome on Saturday morning to go see The Jump Back Brothers play at the Spirit Room. I haven't been there for years! We are very excited! Brothers are also playing Friday night, April 3rd, at a new Irish Pub type place called The Turf, which is apparently at First Street and Pierce. I'll be working until 11pm that night at the shop, but after-that's where we'll be! Come dance with us!