Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some new goodies

One of my jobs is working with my friend who runs estate sales-and the one this week is huge! I restrained myself a bit, though, and only got a few things. (There is a giant church sale Thursday morning that I have been waiting for for a month, so I am trying to save to be able to go to that one.) Anyway, here is what I brought home today!

I have a thing for those plastic covered fabric sewing boxes-my mom had one. I LOVE that this one is pink. I now have three-oh NO, it's a new collection! The leopard thing is HARD TO FIND cinch belt elastic-a couple YARDS of it, and oh YES some of it will be adorning my waist very soon. The velvet pincushion is a lovely faded aqua blue-usually these are red but I LOVE that this is blue instead-it's rare. The Mother poem picture is for yet another collection of mine-I love motto pictures, especially the sappy Mother ones. They are just so sweet. Double daisy flower hook is Italian tole and destined for my workroom at the new house. And how can you go wrong with vintage thread in colors like that? I never buy new thread, ever-I don't need to. Plus the colors are better working with vintage fabrics. Any readers need thread, let me know-I 'll pick some up for you. We sell the large ziploc bags of thread for about 3-4 bucks at the sales. You can get pretty much anything you need sewing-wise, sometimes, at these sales, for next to nothing. Why do y'all think I have ended up with a big ol' stash of notions?!

Now, think good thoughts for me at the church sale-I'm getting up stupid early to go to it. I am excited-I haven't been to a proper sale in months and I'm ready to score some stuff!

A fun project I did!

My daughter turned 21 whole years old yesterday! She had asked me beforehand to make her an apron for her day, and so I turned to one of my handy 194os era Sewing books, and found this neat idea, cobbled it together with some cute dragonfly fabric that my son picked out for his sister, and here we have an apron, vintage inspired but totally modern for my new-things-only-loving daughter! I am quite pleased with it! I hope she likes it!! This is one of the first times I have taken an idea out of a book and made an actual garment-I am a total slave to patterns (it's a comfort thing, I guess) but this was easy enough to figure out. I liked working with the bias tape and even made two matching potholders and a bib for my grandson, just because I could. :-)