Sunday, February 13, 2011

Redhead Sadie’s FIRST-EVER Trunk Show!


This has been a very long time coming!

When I was a very little girl, I started playing dress-up, just like most little girls. I always wanted to be the heroine who happened to be pretty and fashionable-like saving the world and looking wonderful doing it. I was always saving someone, dressed in a lovely, full skirted dress, preferably wearing gloves and tons of jewelry! I used to spend hours drawing pictures of pretty ladies in dresses, complete with accessories and back stories that were very tragic and/ or dramatic. Of course, they always overcame their problems and triumphed, got the fellow, and went on to live beautiful lives.

I also loved to play dress up at my maternal grandmother’s house because I had three wonderful aunties who saved all their pretty clothes and things. They were very generous with letting me play with their stuff, but the best part of all was my grandmother letting me play with her collection of rhinestones. I have a picture of me dressed up, and I have every single one on! They averaged about 4-5 inches across each!  Many happy hours were spent in glamorous imaginings wearing them….

I’ve been into vintage most of my life, and starting in 2007 I was lucky enough to be able to work for a wonderful lady in her vintage shop. I spent 3 amazing years as Heidi Owens’ “Gal Friday”, managing Hollywood Regency Vintage here in Phoenix, which is sadly no more. (If you want to read more about how it was, go a few entries back in my blog to read the story.) Heidi passed away last June, and things changed, and the shop is now a different place. It was such a great time of my life, and I learned so much from Heidi. I will never forget her, ever.

My trunk show is simply the next step in this journey….and what a fun trip it has been!  It is a huge leap for me, because this has nothing to do with the shop; it is all ME. I don’t have Hollywood Regency as a backup, and Heidi isn’t here to advise me. I am putting myself out there all alone, and even though I am slightly terrified, and I am also so excited. In figuring it out, I asked myself if I would regret not doing it…and the loud and clear answer was YES. So, it’s time to put up or shut up and see what I can do.

I LOVE selling vintage, and I love helping people figure out what they like in this vein. I have some really fun things to offer at my sale, And if you are a plus size girl (bust 38-42 average) and you like vintage, have I got some pretty dresses for you….the estate I just bought has oodles of  lovely things for what I like to call “real-size” girls! Plus jewelry, accessories, swimsuits, purses, sexy  foundation garments, peignoirs and MANY MANY SLIPS-all VINTAGE! It will be a fun day for all!

So that’s a very condensed version of my story, and I hope to see you at my sale…..or on eBay, or on Etsy. Stay tuned, because I have many plans in the works!!

Stay beautiful!



  1. I enjoyed reading about what you're up to, Jenny. Blogging takes discipline, doesn't it? I hope your Trunk Show is a huge success!
    PS that font is terrible to read, maybe think about changing it?

  2. Well, I am still playing around with things, so bear with me while I learn this stuff!!Thanks for reading!