Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New/Old Dresses Score!

Did a little thrifting after work tonight...while I did not have my car for 11 weeks I didn't get to hit my regular places. I am righting that wrong right now! I love this particular store because it's not a chain, it's a little grungy, and I found a 1930s black seal coat there once for $3.95. The furniture area smells funny, which is kind of quaint. Nothing like a treasure-laden grungy thrift! I like a little funkiness to my haunts.

Anyway! They have dollar tags almost every day, and I found three dresses for me and three for the store, plus a GREAT 50s men's suit for $18.50. Too big for Doc and too small for Louis, sadly, so it is off to Hollywood Regency to be rediscovered! This store had tons of 80s rayon dresses, some good, some I wanted to buy to re-style, some I wondered why they existed at all. For a buck each, how could I go wrong?!

This pink dress fooled me at first. It is fuschia pink (not at all so neon in person as in the picture, thank goodness) rayon and the styling is SO 40s I really thought I had the real thing. It's from the 80s, but it is a DEAD-ON repro. It also fits me like a screamin' dream and it's about the only pink I can wear so....it's home for awhile!
This cute little polyester dress was a hard one for me to buy, because I just don't like polyester. That is, until I saw the label inside! It's so cute on me and looks alot more 40s on a body than it does just by itself. It's a good little dress to wear to work and also dancing. I usually don't do poly but it really has a rayon-like texture and it's nice and light for summer. Plus, how can you go wrong with polky dots and piping?

This one is probably newer, because it is a stretchy cotton, but the label looks really 80s to me. It's a very good 50s repro, and again, a good work dress for summer. I have a light crinnie on under it and it makes the skirt poof just enough. It also fits like a dream!
I am going back soon...like I need more dresses, right? But it was so fun to bring these girls home!!!


  1. wow! What a score! You will look so fabulous in all of them.....be sure to take pics of you wearing them!

  2. You bought it solely for the label, didn't you? :-P