Monday, April 27, 2009


So Zefram had Hawaii Day last Friday, and we togged him out with a semi-vintage Hawaiian shirt from the shop-he was very self conscious as you can see when I took his picture!

Been doing a little thrifting now that I HAVE MY CAR BACK OH YES THANK YOU GODS OF KARMA. ('s been almost 3 months without my van and I missed it VERY MUCH.) I found the girls at Value Village, and the one on the left is Lefton (giggle). She's perfect, which is amazing considering the road she has probably traveled to get to my clutches. I might release her back to the masses, but I'm keeping her for a minute. The other girl is MINE, however, because she is a California Pottery girl, probably Yona, Kaye of Hollywood, or DeLee Art. Maybe even a Weil girl, which would make me smile. I collect the Weil girl figures, but only when I find them randomly-I don't search them out. They are sadly packed away at the moment, but will be let out again tp play soon.

I am quite pleased with the fabric-it is cotton and 35" wide, which makes it probably 50s! I love the stylized candelabra at the bottom, but the music notes are the best! This is going to be a gathered skirt as soon as I can get it washed and gathered onto a waistband! It was $4! Woo-hoo!

And then poor forgotten Polly Bergen, All Alone By The Telephone...this is how I feel tonight, I miss my fella. I can hardly wait to live with him again. Polly knows how I feel, though. She was such a pretty lady, wasn't she? She was still really pretty in "CryBaby". She could sing, too!

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  1. fab finds! Don't you love great thrift store finds......can't wait to see that fun fabric into a skirt.