Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sewing Circle!

So, yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to set a date for the Sewing Circle idea that has been floating around my head for a long time! I have always loved the image of women sitting around, sewing or doing other creative things together, like they did back in the day. I am hoping that it will be fun and we can all learn from each other. I know how Pollyanna that sounds, but in my not-so-secret heart there is a lot of June Cleaver and Betty Crocker dying to manifest!

I can be raunchy and all that, but I truly love the whole 1950s mom ideal. Dancing around the kitchen in heels, pearls and a spotless apron cleaning with Glass Wax and all that. It's funny-I joke around in chagrin that I always end up being the mom or the goody-goody when I really want to be the vamp or glamour girl. I would love to be a mankiller, but I always get back to the 1950s mom-type. Or the 1940s we-have-to-be-strong, woman-on-the-home-front. (I suppose I could just be the very sexy housewife-it's been done!) Maybe it's because I grew up a latch key kid in the 70s and TV in the afternoon was heavy on the 50s sitcoms. My 40s/50s magazine collection is one of my favorite things to read. One of the best ones is Ladies Home Journal-they had a feature called "How Young America Lives", and they profiled young families of the time. Fascinating how things have changed AND stayed the same. People certainly did more with less back then-I admire the hell out of that.

Anyway! Tangent there, sorry.....I am excited about the sewing circle, and I plan to make those days set aside for it strictly sewing days, no matter who shows up. If nobody does, then I'll sew alone! I am so thankful that I have a good place to work in, and notions and such I can share with my friends. I am so curious to see everyone's projects and see them grow! I hope this is a success! I plan to do one weekend day and one weekday so lots of people have a chance to come. The first one is Monday, December 14th and the next one is Saturday, December 19th. 9am both days, but it is a drop in thing. I will space it out better in January.

I hope this works out! :-)


  1. Sounds like fun! Maybe I will have to travel from Tucson to attend one of these days!


  2. Wish I could attend! I host a stitch 'n bitch once a month with my crafty friends and it's a blast!Have fun! xo

  3. Hi Jenny, I found your blog through Lolita's, and now I'm following you! I hope to see you soon at the store and eventually at the sewing circle as well. I really enjoyed meeting you at the Silent Saturdays film last night, and thank you for being so welcoming and fun!